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20% off on any lock replacement

Jul 3, 2020 – Jul 4, 2020

Triple locksmith happy to offer out lovely costumers 20% off on any lock change / lock replacement / lock installation.

call us today to set an appointment.

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15% off any lock change

May 15, 2020 – Jun 27, 2020

Triple locksmith team is here to provide you the faster service with an affordable price.
our goal is to make sure you house is safe without to spend all your money on it.

feel free to give us a call today and get a free estimate for your lock change.


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20% off on any high security lock

May 3, 2020 – Jul 31, 2020

Triple locksmith is offering 20% on any high security lock replacement .

we provide service in NY and surrounding areas, feel free to call us today for free estimate .


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Triple locksmith happy to offer 20% on any lock change .
we provide all kind of Locks and secure level , feets to your budget.
call us today to book your appointment .


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20% off on any car key made

Apr 19, 2020 – May 19, 2020

Triple Locksmith here to help the community much as we can to win the hard moments we passing dur the Covid19.

we happy to offer 20% off on any car key replacement / duplicate .
we getting to your car and making new key on site within no time.

call us today to get your car key made.


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COVID-19 wont win us !

Triple Locksmith is still providing services to all our customers.

Our goal is to keep our costumers safe and healthy , so all our tech carries with them mask and gloves and keep distance of at least 6ft.

you can feel free contact us for any Locksmith service, providing ...

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Free Quotation by Triple Locksmith

Mar 25, 2020 – May 25, 2020

Triple Locksmith is providing Free quotation for all requied, Residential, Commercial and Automotive Locksmith service.
Call today for locksmith free quotation in Queens, NY and nearby areas.

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Free Quote By Triple Locksmith

Apr 9, 2020 – Jun 9, 2020

Triple Locksmith is trusted and oldest locksmith service provider in Queens, NY and all other surrounding areas.
Call today to get free quote of Locksmith for Residential, Commercial and Automotive.
Call Today!

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Free Quotation on Locksmith service by Triple Locksmith

Apr 7, 2020 – Jul 31, 2020

Triple Locksmith is your trusted locksmith partner, providing emergency locksmith service in Queens, NY and surrounding areas.
Call to get free quotation for limited time only!

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5 Boroughs Lock & Key Services 🔐

Triple locksmith 🔐
The importance of having a Locksmith around you at all times cannot be overemphasized. Due to our busy everyday lifestyle, it is very possible for us to forget our keys or get our keys entangled in one form or the other. It may be our house keys, our car keys, office keys or any other form of keys that we may possess. There may also be cases where our lock may get damaged. Perhaps due to the amount of time, we have used these locks or probably due to the fact that these locks are not original someway.  Locksmiths come in very important and very handy in cases like this, and Triple Locksmith aims at providing you with the best. We offer you the best Locksmith services, and we are also top notch all around the world. With outstanding 24/7 services, the quality of our services is priceless. Over the years, Triple Locksmith has stood out, and we have 100% satisfied customers with our locksmith services. We have a lot of testimonies and positive feedback from our clients all around the world.  
About Us.  
Tripe Locksmith 🔐 is a company that has stood out for quality when it comes to Locksmith services. Our company is based in 53-23 Woodside Ave, New York; the company has indeed made its mark by aiming to provide a very good identity for high and top-notch security services, especially in New York City. Over the years, we have tried our very possible best, and we have stood out greatly as a prestigious company and have laid in the hearts of many whenever it comes to locksmith services. Triple Locksmith is an excellent provider for all your building, automotive and residential services. We are a company that is aimed at generating acceptance among top individuals, professionals and those corporations and building who would be in need of our services on a routine basis. For as long as we’ve existed, our sole commitment has been to provide a very organized and top-notch locksmith in New York and to the rest of the world. We also aim at making our services as cost-effective as possible. Triple Locksmith is able to create copies for any type of residential, commercial or automotive keys. These copied keys ensure that you always have back up at every occasion. All our staff and technicians are experts and very well trained to work out with the best and provide the best services. They work with some of the most advanced approaches to accomplish various tasks. These our staff are well take up any task and challenge.  
Our Services.   

24Hr Emergency Lockout. 
  Our Company provides 24hr emergency lockout to various companies and individuals especially those ones that are prone to attack due to their environment. This 24Hr emergency lockout helps to protect the facility from any form of external or internal attack. Our company Triple Locksmith 🔐 provides excellent services in cases where 24Hr emergency lockdown is greatly needed, and our experts are acquainted with the best tools and services to ensure this.  
24Hr Residential 
Our company Triple Locksmith🔐 Lockdown provides exceptional 24Hr services to Residential facilities. There are several residential facilities that may need certain services like replacement of doorknobs, installation of CCTV, and overall security maintenance. One of the highlights of our services is that it is very cost effective. This definitely means that you do not have to spend so much money in other to get the best services from us. We give you the best, and it costs less. For example, our House or apartment Lockout services are offered at a starting price or $95, our Lock change service also goes for $95 and our lock repair or install goes for $95. 
 24Hr Commercial 
We also offer exceptional commercial services to corporate and professional bodies all around New York and the rest of the United States. There are various times where these companies need top-notch security services, and this is the point where we come in to play. We provide advanced technology like advances locks with several security features that will suit these corporate entities. We are the best at what we do, and our top clients can testify to that.
Automotive Car keys made & Car Lockout
Our Company Triple Locksmith also helps in creating and replicating automotive keys. There are times when individuals may need to replicate their keys in order to have a ready back up in 




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The Team AtTriple Locksmith 🔐

Locksmiths are needed to help with some emergency situations we might find ourselves. They are the most sought after when we do find ourselves in such common situations. Examples of these situations may includemissing keys, lockouts, repairing of worn out or broken locks,  replacing keys and many more.        A skilled and professional locksmith do more than just these easy tasks. The real difficulty is getting a reliable and trustworthy locksmith that can make you and your loved ones' safe cause anyone could just come up and pose to be a professional locksmith with the little knowledge of keys he might possess. That's why a professional locksmith must be a specialist and knowledgeable in handling domestic and commercial security and must be certified with several years of experience in dealing with emergency situations. Here are the top five(5) situations that you need a professional locksmith; 
To duplicate or copy keys- 
You might need to to have a spare key cause you only have one and just to be on a safe side you might decide to get a spare. A  locksmith is a perfect person for the job cause they are highly efficient in making spare keys and that's one of the skills a locksmith need to have. They have the tools and metals in making keys quickly.
Car or home lockout-
It's not always easy dealing with this very common situation; sometimes it just might be a mistake or sheer carelessness. A locksmith tends to be very helpful in dealing with these situations, and they can help you retrieve your keys from your car or home.
 Setting high tech security systems for homes and offices- 
Locksmith tends to provide services in helping you find a more up to date security systems for your homes, and they can help you install them. They set up security alarms, install CCTV cameras, and they can give you security systems that can be connected to your mobile device so when you are at work, you can take notice of any break-in attempts and try to prevent as maximum damage as you can to ensure your home safety.
Replacing locks-
You might want to change the locks of your home for some reasons, it might be because of a break in attempt or the locks may be broken, a locksmith can help in this regard in changing broken locks,  fixing and installing new Locks. They can also replace bad locks and retrieve keys from their locks. Because of rust or dirt, the locks might always be jammed and difficult to open,  you might just be able to fix it yourself by oiling it to free it, but you may lack the techniques locksmiths use in cleaning the locks and the equipment they use to make the locks look new and shiny.
During Emergency-
Due to an unforeseen occurrence, Break-in attempts are very common, and there won't be a notification when that happens. There is an immediate need for a locksmith so as to replace the security systems in your home, and they can also help the police in tracing if it's the windows or the doors the break-in took place.A professional locksmith is able to provide good services for their clients, and the attitude is always professional, and an expert locksmith when dealing with an emergency situation always arrives on time because clients might not usually be patient. The safety you and the people you love should always come first that's why its best to get a reliable, professional and trustworthy locksmith to take care of the job in keeping your homes and your properties safe.Looking for a top-notch locksmith to solve all your “key and lock”worries? Triple Locksmith are always at your disposal to ensure you no longer have anything to worry about.    


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